Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Reston, VA

No matter how hard you try, your canine companion just can’t seem to contain their excitement in public. And if the leash slips your grip, who knows where your pup’s bound to embark on their grand adventure? It’s time to bring the bark under control and unleash worry-free fun for both you and your four-legged pal!

You’re asking yourself the answers to these questions:

    • Is it too late to teach my old dog new tricks?

    • Why can’t I seem to train my dog myself?

    • What should I look for in a doggy daycare?

Dog University is the help your dog needs! We provide one-on-one training, group classes, and boarding school for your training needs. And we also offer daycare and boarding when you need it!

Contact Dog University now for dog training, boarding, & daycare in Reston, VA!

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Dog University: Dog Training, Dog Boarding, & Doggy Daycare for Over Four Decades

James Oliver is the force behind the creation of Dog University with a passion for fostering profound connections between dog owners and their beloved companions. With a remarkable track record spanning four decades, James has etched his name into the very heart and soul of the dog training world.

James’s expertise transcends ordinary dog training. He’s a maestro in taming the wildest of hearts and soothing the fiercest of spirits. His techniques have snatched countless dogs from surrender and worse.

Reston, Virginia’s Preferred Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare Professionals

Dog University is a thriving hub of boundless possibilities for dogs of every breed! We don’t stop at training either. When your best friend is enjoying our doggy daycare or overnight boarding, they’ll experience a level of care and love that’s off the charts.

Dog Training

At Dog University, we offer every furry friend with the tools they need for a vibrant, secure, and exhilarating life. Take your pick from boarding school, obedience and manners school, private lessons, group training, and more!

Dog Boarding

At Dog University, your canine companion will spend every moment hanging out with their doggy comrades. Each night they stay with us, they’ll have their very own crate, perfectly sized for their comfort and relaxation after a day filled with fun and frolic! We provide your pet with a cozy retreat they’ll adore.

Doggy Daycare

Imagine your dog in a controlled playgroup, surrounded by 30 to 50 other furry friends of all shapes and sizes, creating a whirlwind of canine camaraderie. From our high-energy indoor playroom to our sprawling outdoor pens, we promise your dog will go home satisfied and fulfilled.

Top-Rated Training, Dog Boarding, & Doggy Daycare in Reston, VA

Not quite yet sure if Dog University is right for you and your pet? Check out our stellar reviews on Google and all across the internet. Here are some 5-star reviews from happy customers.

“Great advice that didn’t just try to push us into things we didn’t need. We are sending our new(ish) rescue dog to daycare next week with absolute confidence.” – N. Osborne

“Highly experienced staff of caring dog trainers who work to train owners and encourage a healthy relationship with your dog.” – P. Masters

“Our little pup has a ton of energy hand Dog U, and especially James’s expert training has made a huge difference in the way that it is channeled.” – N. Kfoury

Quotes for Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Reston, VA

Dog University is the powerhouse that fulfills every training, boarding, and daycare need your furry companion craves! Our dedicated experts are here to transform your pup into a well-rounded superstar, mastering essential skills, obedience, and manners.

Contact Dog University now for dog training, boarding, & daycare in Reston, VA!

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