Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Oakton, VA

Don’t you wish you could take your dog on long walks around the neighborhood? Or spend a day at the park? Maybe even visit that dog-friendly coffee shop? But that seems impossible! You can’t keep your dog from barking in public. And if you didn’t keep a firm hold on that leash, they would cause all kinds of mischief!

You’re probably asking questions like these:

    • Can my dog be trained?

    • Will my dog be safe while it’s being boarded?

    • Is my dog going to be safe socializing with other dogs?

Dog University is the help your dog needs! We provide one-on-one training, group classes, and boarding school for your training needs. And we also offer daycare and boarding when you need it!

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border collie dog bringing pet ball on the field in Vienna, VA

Professional Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare for Over 40 Years

James Oliver founded Dog University to help build relationships based on love, trust, and respect between owners and their dogs. James has been training dogs for 40+ years, He’s well known in the dog training community and recommended by many veterinarians and rescue groups in Northern Virginia.

James specializes in helping troubled and aggressive dogs. His decades of experience have provided him with extensive knowledge to help dogs overcome extreme fear, abuse, and neglect. His techniques have saved many dogs from being surrendered or even euthanized.

Options for Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Oakton, VA

Dog University isn’t just a training center. We also offer boarding and daycare services for your pet. Our prices are competitive and you can be sure we’re going to take good care of your best friend during their stay.

Dog Training

We know that every dog is unique and learns differently, just like us. We give every dog that comes to us the tools to live a safe, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Dog Boarding

At Dog University, your dog will spend every day with us hanging out with their doggy friends. Every dog gets a size-appropriate crate to stretch and relax!

Doggy Daycare

Your dog will spend the day in a large, controlled playgroup with 30 – 50 other dogs of all shapes and sizes! We try our best to send your dog home tired and fulfilled.

Best Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Oakton, VA

Not sure if Dog University is the place for your dog? Feel free to check out our reviews on Google and all across the internet. Here are some 5-star reviews from happy customers.

“Good training program for puppies that covers puppy nipping, counter surfing, leash pulling, and potty training.” – Sara P.

“Highly Recommend Dog University! Honey is a rescue dog who went from being aggressive to being very obedient!!!  We are delighted!!!  Thank you Dog University!” – Gordon M.

“A great company that has really taken care of our pup. She always runs to the door to join her friends. Feel very safe leaving her there. Thanks to the great staff.” – John F.

Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare Pricing for Oakton, VA

Dog University is the ultimate destination for your dog’s training, boarding, and daycare needs! Let us help your pup learn essential skills, obedience, and manners. Take your dog anywhere without worrying about aggressive behaviors.

Call (703) 759-3648 now for dog training, boarding, & daycare in Oakton, VA!

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