Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in McLean, VA

You would love to enjoy a neighborhood stroll, a blissful day in the park, or a pooch playdate with your dog. But no matter how hard you try, your pup just can’t seem to contain their excitement.

You’re likely asking yourself these questions:

    • Is my dog too old to learn new tricks?

    • Why do I keep failing at training my dog?

    • What should I look for in a doggy daycare?

You’re in for a treat thanks to Dog University! From one-on-one training to high-energy group classes to our exclusive boarding school, we’ve got your dog’s training needs covered. We also offer the perfect blend of daycare and boarding. Let your furry friend enjoy every moment and learn a thing or two!

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border collie dog bringing pet ball on the field in Vienna, VA

Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare for 40+ Years

James Oliver is the force behind the creation of Dog University with a passion for fostering profound connections between dog owners and their beloved companions. With a remarkable track record spanning more than 40 years, James has etched his name into the very heart and soul of the dog training field.

James’ skills transcend ordinary dog training. He’s a maestro in taming the wildest of hearts and soothing the fiercest of spirits. His techniques have saved countless dogs from surrender or worse. James stands can be a beacon of hope for dogs who have endured the darkest of days, offering them a lifeline to break free from the clutches of fear, abuse, and neglect.

McLean, VA’s Preferred Canine Training, Boarding, & Daycare

Dog University is a hub of possibilities for dogs of all breeds! And we don’t stop at training! We offer top-tier boarding and daycare services for your furry companions. When your best friend stays with us, they’ll experience a level of care that’s off the charts. Dog U is a haven for your pet’s happiness and well-being.

Dog Training

At Dog University, training is our lifeblood! Every dog is a one-of-a-kind dynamo. We’ll equip your furry friend with the tools they need for a vibrant, secure, and exhilarating life.

Dog Boarding

Finding the perfect place to pamper your precious pup while you jet off on adventures can seem impossible. But at Dog U, we don’t just board dogs. We provide them with a cozy retreat they’ll adore.

Doggy Daycare

At Dog University’s Doggy Daycare, your furry superstar will embark on an epic adventure daily! We ensure your dog goes home thoroughly tired and brimming with satisfaction.

Top-Rated Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in McLean, VA

Not sure if Dog University is the spot for your canine? Check out our stellar reviews on Google. Here is some feedback from our happy customers.

We love Dog U! They took great care of our Sr. dog and trained our newest dog.  It’s a wonderful place for our dogs.” – Karen G.

I know my dog is well taken care of while at Dog University. He is loved and has a blast” – Chery O.

Excellent training! James trained our two one-year-old energetic dogs. The follow-up training is very helpful also.” – Christy M.

Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare Pricing in McLean, VA

Dog University fulfills every training, boarding, and daycare need your furry companion craves! Our dedicated experts are here to transform your pup into a well-rounded superstar, mastering essential skills, obedience, and manners!

Call Dog University at (703) 759-3648 now for dog training, boarding, & daycare in McLean, VA!

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