Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Arlington, VA

Do you wish you could have long strolls with your dog through the neighborhood? Wouldn’t it be awesome to take your best friend to your local pet-friendly coffee shop? If your pup is particularly mischievous, it might feel like it could never happen.  But your dog can be well-behaved in public! You just need a little help from the experts at Dog University.

Are you asking yourself questions like these?

    • What does it cost to train a dog to behave?

    • How many sessions are needed to train a dog?

    • Is dog boarding safe for my dog?

Dog University offers one-on-one training and group classes to teach your dog obedience. And we offer daycare and boarding when your canine pal can’t make your latest travel date.

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Reliable Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Arlington, VA for 40+ Years

James Oliver established Dog University with a mission to foster relationships grounded in love, trust, and respect between dog owners and their beloved companions. With 40+ years of experience in dog training, James is a highly regarded figure within the dog training community and comes highly recommended by numerous veterinarians and rescue organizations near and far.

James specializes in assisting troubled and aggressive dogs, leveraging his decades of expertise to guide dogs through the challenges of extreme fear, abuse, and neglect. His proven techniques have been instrumental in saving many dogs from the brink of rehoming or worse.

Top Options for Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Virginia

At Dog University, we offer more than dog training. Our comprehensive services also include dog boarding and daycare for your furry friends. We offer competitive pricing while ensuring the utmost quality care and training for your cherished pet.

Dog Training

Every dog is unique and learns differently, just like humans. We equip every canine visitor with the tools they need for a safe, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Dog Boarding

At Dog University, your dog will spend each day in the company of their furry pals. Each dog gets a size-appropriate crate to stretch out and relax as they wish.

Doggy Daycare

During their stay, your dog will enjoy an enriching experience in a spacious, closely monitored playgroup alongside 30 to 50 other dogs of various shapes and sizes.

Unmatched Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Arlington

We promise that Dog University is the perfect place for your dog to thrive! Check out our reviews on Google. Here are some 5-star reviews from happy pet owners.

“My pup LOVES Dog Day Care Center in Great Falls, Virginia! They play all day with other pups and come home happy & exhausted. Great staff & clean facilities – highly recommend!” – John R.

“Dog University is a wonderful place for daycare or boarding. They also do obedience training. James’ advice was very valuable when we adopted our dog.” – Rex H.

“James and the whole staff are amazing people. You can really tell they love their jobs and they love the animals. This is such a wonderful place.” – Jessica H.

Quotes for Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Arlington, VA

Dog University is your one-stop shop for training, boarding, and daycare! Let us help your furry friend master vital social skills, strict obedience, and proper manners. Imagine a world where you can take your pet anywhere without concerns about aggressive behavior or loud barks! It can be a reality! Call us today and find out how!

Schedule a consultation for dog training, dog boarding, & doggy daycare in Arlington, VA!

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