Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Annandale, VA

If calm, enjoyable strolls with your dog seem like a fantasy, it’s time to call Dog University! You could be visiting a dog-friendly business without worrying about your pup. Your dog doesn’t have to keep barking at every other dog it sees or lunging toward small children. Dog University can teach your canine companion some manners.

You’re probably asking questions like these:

    • What are the most common dog training methods?

    • How do I know if dog boarding will stress out my pup?

    • Is dog daycare a good place to socialize a dog?

Call Dog University for dog training, boarding, & daycare in Annandale, VA!

border collie dog bringing pet ball on the field in Vienna, VA

40 Years of Effective Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Annandale

Over 40 years ago, James Oliver, Dog University founder, and owner, started his mission to build relationships between dog owners and their canine companions. James is now a superstar in the dog training community, earning recommendations from numerous veterinarians and rescue groups throughout Virginia.

James excels in aiding troubled and aggressive dogs, drawing upon decades of experience to address issues stemming from extreme fear, abuse, and neglect. His proven techniques have been instrumental in saving dogs from the prospect of surrender and euthanasia. Don’t give up on your pup!

Options for Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Virginia

Dog University isn’t just a training center. We offer boarding and daycare services for your pet too. We keep our prices competitive so we can help as many dogs as possible. You can trust us to take good care of your best friend while they’re staying with us.

Dog Training

Every dog is unique and learns differently, just like humans. We give every dog that comes to us the tools to live a social, safe, and fulfilling life.

Dog Boarding

At Dog U, your pup spends every day hanging out with their doggy friends. Every dog gets a size-appropriate crate to stretch out and relax!

Doggy Daycare

Your dog spends the day in a controlled playgroup with 30-50 other dogs of all breeds! We’re going to send your dog home tired and fulfilled!

Top-Rated Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Annandale, Virginia

Still not sure if Dog University is the spot for your pooch? Check out our 5-star reviews on Google and all over the internet. Here are some reviews from happy customers.

“This is a lovely dog university!! Great with dogs and the people there are amazing!!” – Tamika C.

“Dog University is fantastic. Great place for advice, day care and help with issues.” – Christopher O.

“My dog no longer has separation anxiety! This daycare facility in Great Falls is invaluable.” – Sandy L.

Pricing for Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare in Annandale, VA

Come down and see the premier hub for all your dog’s training, boarding, and daycare needs at Dog University! Help your furry friend to build the skills, obedience, and impeccable manners you wished they always had. With our help, you’ll be able to take your dog anywhere without concerns about unruly or aggressive behaviors.

Call Dog University for dog training, boarding, & daycare in Annandale, VA!

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